Product development complimented by a high performance engineering facility

Our technology rocks! We have assembled a select team of tech gurus, software engineers, security experts, and developers to help us build our payment gateway and orchestration platform. It’s just not fair to the world to keep this level of talent and expertise to ourselves.

Helping you build

We want to be enablers that transform the next generation of fintechs in the payments, remittance, wallet, and banking space to learn from our experiences that help ship new products quickly, efficiently and in a scalable manner. Companies can significantly reduce costs, gain access to specialised skills, increase flexibility, and focus internal teams on core competencies, once they leverage paytently’s talent.

Scale efficiently

We believe that when executed properly, outsourcing, empowers companies to focus their internal resources on high-priority initiatives, access specialised skills, improve speed and agility, manage costs, and scale key capabilities. But it must be viewed as a partnership, not just a transaction. With the right mindset and approach, outsourcing engineering and development work can transform businesses and fuel future growth, innovation, and success. And we can be that trusted partner!

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