POS Systems

SoftPOS systems allow you to take payments anywhere and deliver an omnichannel experience. By combining our online gateway with our state of the art point of sale devices, you enable your business to transact seamlessly online and in person.

Cost effective pricing

We offer flexible, cost-effective pricing to meet your budgetary needs, making it easier for you to invest in your business.

Catered for customer needs

Our devices are designed to accept both international and local cards, ensuring that you can cater to all of your customers' needs.

Modern SoftPOS terminals

Flexible, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing devices that complement your online offering and make taking card payments in store a breeze.

We provide merchants with state of the art POS terminals

We also provide SoftPOS applications that allow you to accept card payments in a retail/physical store or setting. This dovetails with our issuing and IBAN offering. The right POS system will allow your business to run smoothly, complementing our online offering.

Improved look, improved sales

Sleek, modern, and intuitive devices are an essential aspect of any business nowadays as they improve customer experience and increase sales.

Anywhere, anytime sales

With our devices, you can make sales from anywhere, whether it’s in-store, online, or through a mobile app.

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